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Has the thought of launching your own hair company crossed your mind, but you have no clue where to start?

Do you find yourself wondering why you are not getting any sales?

What if you could build a profitable, sustainable & incredible online hair business without struggling to find good resources and information in order to do so...

  • Just because you don't have a HUGE social media following or $1,000 to spend on Facebook ads does not mean you can't grow the next breakout brand in the hair industry...
  • What if you knew the EXACT steps to take to build a profitable & successful online hair business without running around in circles?


-The Business of Hair:

Is THE ultimate resource for you to get all the training and information you need to skyrocket your business without having to search high and low online for half-done information 

Behind The Bundles, presents The Business of Hair, a membership program is designed to assist you with launching (or growing) your online hair business

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to a private online mastermind community (Facebook group) for endless feedback and strategizing with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Q & A Sessions- Get ongoing support and questions answered when you hit roadblocks
  • Breakout groups in major cities so you can find your Business Besties. Having someone that "gets you" and is on the same page can be super beneficial as a business owner
  • Special Curated Content such as webinars, videos, and ebooks on developing your hair business and  brand from the ground up
  • Discounts on services and tools that you can use to run your business efficiently 
  • Have a place to connect with other business owners that are open and willing to share lessons learned so you do not make the same mistakes
  • Marketing tips and strategies (with step by step guidance on how to implement and execute them)
  • Special Events
  • Access to exclusive resources from Behind The Bundles only for members
  • Discounts on all BTB group programs, workshops, and special events

Some Hot Topics that will be covered:

  • How to identify your ideal customer and where to find them online
  • Updates on changes to Facebook and Instagram and how to use them to your advantage--don't let algorithms defeat you.
  • How to create an online marketing plan from scratch 
  • Ways to launch your company regardless of your budget
  • How to build credibility in the industry and build trust with customers
  • Strategies to ship your products at a low cost
  • How to run a successful giveaway and challenges to skyrocket your social media following 
  • Strategies on successfully running sales that are PROFITABLE 
  • How to establish business credit and acquire funding to scale your biz 
  • How to turn site visitors into sales--improve your conversion rate quickly!
  • How to price your bundles and or wigs so that you are profitable
  • How to fight chargebacks and protect your brand against fraud
  • Techniques on taking high-quality pictures and video content for social media on a budget
  • How to scale your current online hair business to six or seven figures