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Hot Tool Vendors List


Hot Tools Vendors List

This list includes (3) top hot tool vendors. Vendors offer plain crystal-studded hot tools and accessories that you can offer your customers.  You have Lifetime Access to your vendor list download.

 INCLUDES website, IG, or WhatsApp contact information. 
Check email immediately after purchasing

What is a vendor list? How does this work?

It's simple! We at Behind The Bundles have researched, vetted, and tested several vendors in the hair industry. We've done all the hard work so you don't have to.

This list also includes direct contact information to the vendor. This also includes some pointers when ordering and things to consider for your business. 

Most of the vendors communicate via WhatsApp. Other contact information included is email and social media handles for the companies.

For some vendors, you can place orders directly on their site. We ALWAYS recommend placing orders small or large via PayPal to ensure your order is protected with PayPal's buyer protection guarantee.




NOTE: This is a digital product. Refunds or exchanges are not available. 


Please check your email immediately after purchasing for your download link in an email separate from your order confirmation. CHECK YOUR EMAIL (Paypal email or Personal Email entered at checkout). 





By Toni Richmond,  1/31/2020

Happy I bought this! i've been trying to figure out where I can get hot tools like Kendra's boutique and other brands out there.


 By Megan T.,  12/24/2019

Thanks for sharing this resource!

Due to the nature of our products (digital downloads), there are NO REFUNDS!  All sales final.

Products are delivered immediately upon purchase to the customer to the email address that is used at checkout.

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